🧶 Wixams Yarn Bombers 🧵

If you’ve never heard of Yarn Bombing you’re in good company, we hadn’t either! But after a suggestion from Barratt/David Wilson homes to set up a group in Wixams we agreed it would be a great way to bring people together to do something crafty, fun and a great way to decorate our town!

Barratt/David Wilson have very kindly provided us with some funding to establish a yarn bombing group here in Wixams so we’re calling for anyone who might want to take part to get in touch. If there’s enough interest we will organise a room in the village hall for people to meet and discuss what the group should do, how regularly they should meet and to start planning for an event.

No Experience Necessary

If you’ve never knitted or crocheted before that’s no problem, it’s easy to learn and we already have a few people who would like to help others learn. The group would of course benefit from more people who can already knit and crochet who can share their skills with others.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

One idea to get a yarn bombing group started is to create a series of pieces for this year’s Queen’s Jubilee. Members of the group could get together to share ideas and create items which they could display outside their homes or on their street to celebrate the Jubilee this June. For those having street parties this could really enhance the decorations on display!

Here’s a few ideas from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to whet your appetite…

First Meeting Outcomes

The first meeting of this group was held on Wednesday 6th April, it was very successful and 14 people turned up. The group discussed a few key points and the outcomes are below:

  • The group would like to meet fortnightly and will continue to meet in the village hall.
  • The Wixams Community Group currently have some funding to pay for the room hire but after this the group members will likely contribute towards this cost. The Swan Room costs £9 per hour so for a two hour booking this would cost member less than £2 each.
  • The group will focus on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as the first project and likely will create something together which will include bunting and jubilee flowers. This will be discussed more at the next meeting.

Next Meeting Dates

The next meetings of the group have been scheduled for the dates below in the Swan Room, Lakeview Village Hall, all are welcome. If you can’t make the start that’s no problem, the room is booked until 9pm so drop in at any point.

  • Wednesday 4th May at 7pm
  • Wednesday 18th May at 7pm
  • Wednesday 25th May at 7pm

If you already knit or crochet please bring along some knitting needles, size 4mm needles, some yarn if you have some (ideally red, white and blue) and/or anything else you think would be useful.

Get in Touch

Please fill in your details below if you’d like to join the group or find out more:

    Your name:

    Your email:

    A new Facebook has been created, please feel free to join to stay up to date with the group’s activities: Wixams Yarn Bombers

    Photography Club Logo Website

    Wixams Photography Club

    Photography Club Logo

    Welcome to the Wixams Photography Club. We are an online community on Facebook for everyone in Wixams who love photography. Join us if you would like to share your images captured in and around our delightful village. Other members of the community who join the group can then enjoy different views of Wixams, its lakes, birds, sunsets, flowers, gardens…there is so much on offer in our village that looks great through the lens!

    Anyone can join, no matter the ability. We welcome photos taken with your phone, a digital or a professional camera. Please also feel free to join if you simply enjoy looking at great photos from the Wixams community.

    Please click the link below to join:


    Our Favourite Photos

    We’ll be sharing our favourite photos from the Facebook page right here once we have them.

    Wixams Walkers Logo

    Wixams Walkers

    We have now restarted our walks at the new time of 11am

    As part of our ongoing efforts to bring the community together, we run the Wixams Walkers group, part of the national Walking for Health scheme. The group is aimed at all ages and abilities and simply gives an opportunity for residents to get some exercise, meet people and to explore parts of Wixams they might not yet have seen.

    Wixams Walkers meets each Saturday at 11, in front of Seasons Garden Centre on Bedford Road. After each walk, all are invited into Seasons for a cuppa.


    There are currently 5 main routes in and around Wixams which are all around 2 miles /3 km and take 45 minutes to an hour:

    • Three Lakes and a Pond – A route around the lakes within Wixams itself, and a pond
    • Southern Trail – Follows the walkway around the south side of Wixams
    • Duck End Lane – To the end of Duck End Lane in Wilstead where there are lovely landscapes
    • B&M – Up to the roundabout near B&M then back down and around the lakes near the retirement village
    • Willow Grove – Up Southern Cross to the new play park in Willow Grove for a great view across to Village 4 and around Harlequin Crescent


    We normally split into two groups, a fast group and a slower group. For some of the routes the fast group goes a little further. If you’re a beginner or just trying to get back into shape please do come along, we don’t leave anyone behind.


    During the summer, we will be exploring more of Bedfordshire by walking in the local country parks. In July 2019 we visited Woburn Abbey Deer park, a beautiful open space which is home to 9 species of deer. We also visited Millennium Country Park in August and Priory Country Park in September.

    Stay in Touch

    You can stay up to date with our plans on our Facebook page or you can get in touch using the Contact page (select Wixams Community Group).