Pavement Weeding – Volunteers Needed!

As an ongoing project we are meeting every 2 weeks to weed the pavements in the communal areas near to Budgens, the Village Hall and the lake.

Here you can see some of the work we’ve done so far.

18th June

On our first session we completed the steps by the lake and around the bench nearby:

We think it makes a big difference to the area and almost restores it back to its former glory.

2nd July

We met again on 2nd July to weed the next section of pavement between Brooklands Avenue and the wooden path beside the lake:

16th July

With the pavements now looking much nicer, we moved onto weeding and tidying up the bedding areas. The first to be completed was the one near to the lake. It’s a lot more work that it looks as so many of the original plants were dead and there were lots of weeds in amongst the plants. We managed to fill 7 bags!

How You Can Help

There are quite a few patches in the area which need to be weeded and we’re trying to do it in stages as it can be hard work. If you’d like to help us then you just need to turn up on the next arranged date and time with:

  1. Clothes you don’t mind getting a bit grubby
  2. Bottled water
  3. Tools if you have them such as brooms and a patio weeder (see photo)

Patio Weeding Tool

Next Steps

There are plenty of other bedding areas we plan to sort out next, the next being those around Lakeview Village Hall.

We will be meeting to do that on:

Tuesday 30th July – 10:30

If you’d like to be kept informed about this project, please get in touch with us via the contact form.