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The Wixams & Wilstead Community Shopping Club has been set up to help support those in both communities who are required to self-isolate during the time of the Coronavirus outbreak. The club aims to coordinate a set of volunteers who are willing to carry out shopping or prescription collection on behalf of those in isolation.

Due to the very real risk of spreading the virus we have put together a comprehensive system which minimises human contact. It might seem excessive at first but we have considered the needs of everyone involved as best we can.

Prescription Collections

Along with shopping we will also collect prescriptions upon request. Please contact us as per the instructions below.

Client Instructions

To request help from the Community Shopping Club, please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page, email is preferred.

When contacting us for help please ensure you include the following information:

  • Type of help required/shopping list.
  • Full name.
  • Address.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address if possible (unless sent by email).

If you can use a Click and Collect service we urge you to do so. That will make the process much easier for everyone involved.

For shopping requests please follow the guidelines below:

  • We prefer shopping lists to be sent by email, either in text format or as a photo/scan.
  • You will be asked to pay us a deposit which will be a rough estimate of the value of your order.
  • Make sure your list is legible.
  • Add quantities, weights or volumes where appropriate.
  • Please keep your list to items which can be purchased from a large supermarket.

The volunteer will contact you directly to check the details of your request and to arrange drop off.

We will take payment via bank transfer, if you do not have online banking we ask that you contact someone you trust and ask if they can pay on your behalf. We will be able to take cheques in exceptional circumstances.

Volunteering Instructions

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us using the details further down the page, email is preferred. We will use the steps below to register you as a volunteer:

  1. We will reply to your email and send our Volunteer Guidelines.
  2. Read the guidelines and complete the included declaration form.
  3. Contact us when you are ready.
  4. We will knock on your door to collect the form (we won’t come in), we will need to check a form of ID and we can answer any question you have at that time.

The last step is important, we will personally meet every volunteer as the protection of the clients is crucial.

Please note, for security reasons we are asking that volunteers pay for shopping themselves and they will be re-reimbursed from our own bank account once the receipt had been sent and delivery confirmed. We have recommended that Click and Collect services are used where possible which simplifies the process.

Contact Details

Please contact us by email or phone (email is preferred):

07929 656674 Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm

Stay Informed

We will be updating this page as we get new information and using our Facebook page to share updates: