Wixams Tree Survey

The Wixams Gardening Group are currently liaising with Bedford Borough Council’s Tree Officer to try and get the dead trees in Wixams replaced. As the majority of trees here have all been planted in the last decade, we have many more dead trees than you’d find in a more established community.

To help our community with this task we’ve created the map below which we’re adding to when we find new dead trees. BBC have access to this map and they’ve already made a start on replacing some of them.

  • Blue marker – To be replaced
  • Green marker – Replaced by BBC

Would you like to help?

If you see a dead tree on public land near your home which isn’t already marked on the map, please follow the steps below to let us know:

1. Find the tree on Google Maps, right click on the exact spot and then select ‘What’s Here?’.

Wixams Tree Survey Instructions 1

2. A box will appear with some information, click the coordinates. The coordinates in the example below are ‘52.091864, -0.460795’.

Wixams Tree Survey Instructions 2

3. A sidebar will appear, highlight the coordinates and copy them.

Wixams Tree Survey Instructions 3

4. Send the coordinates to us using the contact form (select Wixams Community Group) and we’ll add that spot to the map for BBC to see, that’s it!