Wixams Street Watch

Street Watch has been kept really simple, it is about going for a walk with your neighbours, getting to know people in the area and building up a sense of community spirit.

We ask for a minimum of 2 hours a month but you can do as much as you like.

The whole point of StreetWatch is about being that visible presence to DETER crime and anti-social behaviour, NOT deal with it ourselves, (if it needs to be dealt with, we log it with the Police).

The Objectives are;

  • Helping to keep your community safe
  • Make new friends and meet new people
  • Get fit
  • Walk along your local streets in groups, provide community reassurance and engagement on local issues that matter most
  • Whilst you will not have any police powers, you will be work directly with the local policing team to report any issues or concerns you come across
  • Improve where you live, make a difference and improve community engagement


  • Members of Street Watch must be 18 years or older
  • Training induction is provided; all members are vetted and trained;

The training is very simple – it just involves making sure that people are aware of what we are asking of them, this takes approx. 1 hour.

We go with you on you first walk to check you are confident and know what you are doing.

Volunteers patrol in pairs (or more) – for safety, and pre-register with the police prior to each patrol.

  • You are given a high visibility vest ‘Street Watch’ labelled on it- so that people know you are part of the organised group.
  • If volunteers spot suspicious activity, they should report it to the police but not get involved.
  • Groups are managed by a volunteer co-ordinator who keeps a volunteer list and provides advice, guidance and support in consultation with the local police.

Volunteer for Street Watch:

If you would like to register your interest to participate in Street Watch, please email Juliet.Wright@beds.police.uk