Wixams Community Garden

Gardening is a fantastic hobby which is very rewarding, creative and relaxing. As part of our efforts to bring people together, and to create opportunities for the community to get involved in projects in our town, we would like to help create a community garden in Wixams. This would be a space that can be shared between different groups so that everyone can benefit.

St Stephens Square Community Garden in Norwich
St Stephens Square Community Garden in Norwich

There have been lots of ideas discussed so far such as a wildflower patch for the bees and butterflies, a herb garden which people can use for their cooking, a hut or shelter which people can sit in and enjoy, and sections for specific groups like the Brownies, Cubs and Scouts so they can grow what they like.

Community gardens are a great way to help new people get into gardening and can also lead to more projects being initiated which benefit our community even further.

Where Would It Be?

We have liaised with Bedford Borough Council and they have agreed in principle that the patch of land next to Lakeview Village Hall could be used for the garden. This is great spot as it’s central to village 1 (Lakeview) and is already part landscaped.

Wixams Community Garden Site - Lakeview Village
Wixams Community Garden Site – Lakeview Village

What Could We Grow?

Community gardens can come in many forms. Some are wild and rustic with wildflowers, shrubs and decorations. Other gardens are more formal and have vegetable patches and instructions for people on what they can take and when.

Instructions for Visitors to the Grapes Hill Community Garden in Norwich
Instructions for Visitors to the Grapes Hill Community Garden in Norwich

For a garden in Wixams we’d like the participants to decide what they want to grow, adding to the existing plants and shrubs is a good starting point, and then more structure and things like raised bedding areas can be added progressively.

Current Progress

We have been in discussions with the Wixams Parish Council who would lead the project on behalf of the community. They’re currently liaising with Bedford Borough Council to seek approval to adopt the land and to find out the boundaries of the garden.

Spring Bulb Planting

One idea for getting this garden started off is to plant patches of tulip bulbs later this year to bring a splash of colour for next spring. In November 2019 we ran a Spring Bulb Planting event which was attended by around 80 adults and children who came along to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs in the green spaces around the village hall. It was a fantastic success and if there’s enough support for this garden there might be a chance to run another similar event this year.

How to Get Involved

In collaboration with the Wixams Parish Council we held a kick-off meeting on Monday 2nd October which was attended by a few people who want to get this project off the ground. We still need more volunteers so if you’re interested in taking part please contact us.