Wixams Residents Survey 2021

In May many residents participated in our survey about life in Wixams and we received responses from 287 households! Volunteers in the newsletter committee then processed all of the responses to be able to share the results with the community on this page. We hope you find the results as interesting as we do.

As you will see in the graphs the issues that most residents pointed out in the survey are the lack of healthcare facilities, traffic, speeding and parking problems. There seems to be a big need for activities and facilities for teenagers, and a demand for community events and activities. A large number of residents would appreciate more opportunities to socialise and are interested in quiz and bar nights, music events and there were a lot of requests for cafés, restaurants and a pub in the town.

We had a lot of good comments and fantastic suggestions left in the ‘Other’ boxes in the survey. We couldn’t publish them all so we’ve grouped the more common ones into categories and put them in the boxes next to the graphs. These answers will also be kept and might be included in a future survey.

A big thank you from the newsletter committee to everybody who took the time to fill out our survey and share their opinions, views and ideas. It reflects the spirit of Wixams with residents that want to shape a thriving community to live in.

Q1. Which parish do you live in?

Q2. How many people (including children) live in your household?

Q3. How long have you lived in Wixams?

Q4. If you have a mobile phone from any of the providers below, how good is the mobile reception in your house?

Public Transport & Commuting

Q5. How often do you use the bus services in Wixams?

Q6. How could the bus services be improved?

Q7. When built, will you use rail services from the Wixams station to commute (incl. to Bedford)?

Q8. Do you run a business from home?

Crime & Road Safety

Q9. Which of these have affected you in the last 5 years (or since moving to Wixams)?

Q10. Do you think any of the following measures are needed to help prevent crime in Wixams?

Q11. What measures do you think are needed to improve road and pedestrian safety?

Wixams Development & Consultation

Q12. How well do you know what is planned for the Wixams town centre?

Q13. Do you think the facilities in Wixams meet the needs of children & teenagers?

Q14. Do you feel like you’re kept informed about the plans for the Wixams development?

Q15. Do you feel your views for the Wixams development are being taken into consideration by the developers and councils?

Q16. Should regular meetings/open sessions be held for residents to keep them informed of the plans for Wixams?

Q17. If yes, how often should these meetings be held?

Issues & Priorities

Q18. What are your top five issues in Wixams?

Q19. What do you think should be prioritised for the remainder of the Wixams development?

Q20. Please use the box below to provide further comments about issues or priorities in Wixams?

The following is a selection of comments that residents made in the survey which reflects the proportion of issues people most commented about.

Q21. When fully built, how well do you think Wixams will meet the expectations you held when you moved here?

And finally…

Q22. What sort of activities & events in Wixams would you or family members be interested in attending?

Q23. Where do you get most of your updates and news about Wixams?

Thank you to everyone who took part in this survey